Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Cancellation Policy

Full refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking, if the check-in date is at least 14 days away.

100% refund for cancellations made 60 days before check-in.

50% refund for cancellations made at least 30 days-59 days before check in. No refunds for cancellations made within 29 days before check-in.

Cleaning fees and taxes are always refunded if the reservation is canceled before check-in.

A reservation is officially canceled when the guest sends a signed rental agreement that they write “Cancelled” with a signature next to “Cancelled” and is emailed to me.

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MadMen Beach House Rules

– -We are a loud, Italian, fun-loving family and if we can keep the noise down I know you can too! Ocean City has a very strict noise ordinance, plus we live in a quiet neighborhood with many residential families. There can be no excessive noise between the hours of 9am and 8pm. If the police are called or complaints are made there will be an immediate eviction and forfeitures of any remaining days (laying down the law here, folks).
– -NO PARTIES! Just good old, relaxing fun allowed!
– – This house is waterfront (so awesome, I know!), therefore children must be continuously monitored to prevent drowning (Like a hawk y’all!)
– – No Swimming in the canal, which means no diving from the dock or bulkhead (could result in major injury or death) and it also means, yep I’m going to say it, no skinny dipping (don’t pretend that wasn’t the first thing you wanted to do in OC!).
– – No rentals to groups of individuals less than 25 yrs old. Need to have that frontal lobe developed (for all my fellow nurses out there, you know what I mean!).
– – Sheets, towels, and toiletries are not provided. They may be rented online and I have all that information in our custom guide book if you’re interested in renting them. And please don’t sleep on our pillow shams. They are for decoration only. You can easily remove them and put your own pillow covers on them if you don’t bring your own pillows from home. Please don’t sleep on the throw pillows, which are also for decoration.
– – We allow dogs on a case by case basis. Please let us know if you would like to bring your dog and a little about your dog. We have a $50 fee for 4 nights or less and a $100 fee for 5 or more nights. 
– -No Smoking inside and no butts left outside! Those butts are stinky and look trashy, for real! Me. No. Likey! – The pool, tennis court, and miniature golf access card is located in an envelope on the side of the refrigerator (more awesomeness, I know!) There is a $150 replacement fee if you lose the card (a lot less awesomeness, I know!)!
– – Trash days are Monday and Thursday morning in high season (May 11th-October 11th) and only Monday mornings off season. Please place the cans out facing the curb on the sidewalk the night before pickup, and return the cans to the top of the parking pad by the house after pickup. With twins and diapers, two times a week is the lap of luxury for us!
– -Rentals must be a minimum of one-week, Sunday to Sunday, June through the first two weeks of September. If you try to book for less time, it will be cancelled. Off season, we have a two-night minimum for weekends, unless it isn’t booked the day of, then, you can book one night if needed. Off season, weekday one night bookings are allowed. This army family has to pay the mortgage somehow! Hooah!
– -No renting of movies or shows “on-demand”. We are happy to provide high-option cable with DVR and “on-demand” but we do not cover “all you can rent-movies”. You can watch all the free movies you want, but if you do buy a movie or show on-demand we will forward you the bill for whatever you bought, plus a fee of $50 for our trouble.  Best idea: just watch the free ones!
– – Please consider removing your shoes inside the house to keep the carpet clean and the sand tracking to a minimum. I promise, I’m not OCD but honestly it just helps keep the place clean and we all want that!
– -There is free parking for two (2) cars MAXIMUM on the parking pad, unless you drive a Hummer. Then its probably one car maximum, but then again, if you’re that cool that you own a Hummer, you can probably get away with anything. A third car can fit on the street in front of the house but do not park in front of other homes. 
– -No one other than those that listed can stay! If you make a request for an additional person to stay, it will be considered but an additional $50 will be charged per night. Wear and tear y’all! 
– -The dock, bulk-head and stairs to the deck can be slippery when wet. Use caution and use at your own risk. Silly to say but it happens!
– -The Kayaks are available for you to use at your own risk. We provide adult and child-size life vests. ALWAYS WEAR THEM, PROPERLY FASTENED, WHEN KAYAKING! Only good swimmers should use the kayaks. The dock ladder is to be used at your own risk! Be careful entering the water from the ladder. After use, please return the Kayaks under the deck steps where you found them. Rinse off life vests using the hose on the side of the house after each use and lay them out to dry. Return to the shed before leaving property. Use boogie board at your own risk. Riding waves in the ocean carries the risk of severe injury or death!
– -The bubble chair is to be used at your own risk and has a weight limit of 200 pounds (90kg). No one exceeding that weight limit is allowed in the chair. Do not swing the chair, jump in the chair or fall back into the chair! It may break and you may injure yourself.  Just ask yourself, are those selfies worth it? 🙂 Children must be monitored when they use the chair.
– -Please use mess rug for babies or toddlers to prevent staining the carpet. Believe me, it makes cleaning so much easier! It’s located on the shelf in the laundry room and has stars on it.
– – Booster seats are to be used at your own risk. You should always monitor your children when using them. Note: booster seat should not be used in white chairs as they can easily tip over.
– -Summer cookout? You bet! However, the grill is to be used at your own risk. (Are you noticing a trend here?) Please move the grill 3 feet away from anything flammable when grilling. And make sure it is at least 3 feet from kayaks to prevent melting. 
– -If you use the baby/toddler items please clean well with soap and water before leaving the property (toys, bumbo, booster seat, tray for booster seat, the pack and play, tray in the stroller, any messes in the stroller. Machine wash the mess rug before leaving the property. I know its a few more things to do but really isn’t it nice to know those items are cleaned for you when you arrive?
– –If you use the elder-care items please wipe them down: the wheel chair, and clean shower chair and toilet seat with soap and hot water. Return to shed.
– -Don’t change the fridge or freezer temperatures. Otherwise the freezer will frost up and the fridge will break.
– -If any damages occur you will be required to pay an extra fee from $50 to $2000 depending on the replacement or repair cost! This is not included in the booking fee and will be an additional amount. If you bring any critters into our home (fleas, bed bugs, etc.) you will be required to pay for the treatment for the house, pay for any new furnishings and pay for the days/weeks lost from treatment up to $15,000.
– – I know you’re sad to see the house rules come to a close (we were having so much fun!) but here are last rules to keep in mind. Departure is at 10:00 AM. Please make sure all dishes, pots and pans, and utensils are clean and put away (nothing left in washing machine). Return all furniture and pillows to the original positions, remove all trash and place in trash outside, and make beds. All chairs, chaise lounges, and cushions must be returned to the deck. Put the board games and puzzles back in the credenza. Leave master bedroom fan remote and TV remote in side table in master bedroom. Leave remote for living room TV in credenza drawer. Turn the A/C to 72 degrees in the summer, turn the heat to 67 degrees and in the winter. Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked, place the wood bar behind each of the sliding glass doors. Close the blinds. And we are done! Thanks for reading folks!
– -Oh, and one more rule: HAVE SO MUCH FUN! Go Army!


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