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Pandora at Night with the Na’Vi Drum Ceremony and My 3 Year 0ld!

Setting: A warm November evening at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Pandora area! For those of you that don’t know, Pandora at night is spectacular! There are illuminating plants and even the ground you walk upon! The sounds and smells give you the real feeling you are in the magical place! 

My kids love to play on the drums at the center of the Pandora area. When you pound on them they reverberate back at you like its alive! We were playing in the area when these Na’Vi Drummers came out and did a Na’Vi Drum Ceremony! It was super fun for my 3 year old and for me! They make it interactive and entertaining! I hope you too are there for this fun show they do throughout the day and night at your next Animal Kingdom Park adventure!

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