Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Join Our “Mad Awesome Club”

What is the “Mad Awesome Club”? Well, it is way more awesome than a VIP club! The “Mad Awesome Club” is an elite group of our best and most fabulous previous guests and social media followers that gets “Mad Awesome” promotions and deals through our “Mad Awesome” letters via email and mail! PLUS, every year one member also gets selected to stay FOR FREE for two nights (a Monday and Tuesday night in the off season) at any of our Mad Men Vacation Rental Properties on selected dates! I mean THAT is awesome! How do you join the “Mad Awesome Club” you ask? It’s so simple! You either need to:

A. Be a best and fabulous previous guest + send me your email, mailing address, and birthday.

B.  Follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram (just look up “Mad Men Vacation Rentals”) + send me your email, mailing address and birthday

Just go to our “Contact Us” tab on the home page and send message with that info and follow me on Facebook and Instagram and BOOM! Your a member of the “Mad Awesome Club”! Join today! What do you have to lose and it’s a great way to support a small, local business. 

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