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The Links of Light House Sound: A Golfing Experience in Ocean City, Maryland by Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Links of Lighthouse Sound Golfing Close to Ocean City, Maryland by Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Fathers Day 🙋‍♂️🎉is just around the corner! What better gift 🎁 than a father-son 👨‍👦/father-daughter 👨‍👧/ romantic getaway 💏/ weekend with buddies 🍻 to Ocean City ☀️🐚🕶 this fall 🍂for a golfing🏌️trip?! Of course you would stay at MADMEN BEACH HOUSE ✨and today I am highlighting an awesome 👏 golfing experience at The Link at Lighthouse Sound🌅!

Kayak into the Sunset from Mad Men Vacation Rentals in Ocean City, Maryland!

kayaking on Assawoman Bay Maryland

Ok! I just found my favorite thing about our canal front, Ocean City beach house thus far! We offer so many amenities for our guests but our Kayaks may be the coolest one! 🙌 This was so much fun😆, soooo beautiful 🌅and a good little work out💪! If you stay at our Ocean City beach house don’t miss the adventure and treasure that awaits you by seeing the sunset on Assawoman Bay!! Check out this short 1 min video on our first adventure on the Kayaks and catching that unforgettable Ocean City Bay sunset!

Ocean City Sunset on Assawoman Bay on a Kayaking trip from MadMen Beach House
Ocean City Maryland Sunset on Assawoman Bay on a Kayaking trip from MadMen Beach House

A Blackwall Hitch in Rehoboth Beach Experience and Review by Mad Men Vacation Rentals!

Black Wall Hitch in Rehoboth Beach by Mad Men Vacation Rentals for Foodies
One of many things that is great about MadMen Beach House ✨ is that it is in North Ocean City which is a closer drive 🚙 for an evening out in Rehoboth Beach. Our tradition as a family is to always go there one night of our family 💞vacation in OC for dinner! Here we are eating at Blackwall Hitch🔥! Check it out‼

Kayak Out to Harpoon Hanna’s in Ocean City, Maryland from Mad Men Beach House!(Mad Men Vacation Rentals)

Maryland Kayak Trip to Harpoon Hanna's in Ocean City Maryland from Mad Men Vacation Rentals

One of my favorite aspects of MadMen Beach House is the Kayaks! My dad and I decided to take an adventure to Harpoon Hanna’s from MadMen Beach House for a happy hour drink at the Tiki Bar outside! We were lucky to go with the tide there and back! It took about 40min each way but we really took our time! I know neighbors say they can get there in 20-25min on a good day! Check out this video of our father-daughter adventure!