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2019 What a Year For Mad Men Vacation Rentals

What a year! There are so many highlights and so much as happened! First we wanted say a special thank you to all our amazing guests and social media followers for giving us such a great year! It is because of you all this is at all possible for us!

This year started with a big low which turned into a big high for us! In early January we were under contract with a property on Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, Maryland. It was a dream to have a beach house and mountain house to reach all the vacationers in our local, DC Metropolitan area. Well, the day we were flying out to take our twin 3 year olds to Walt Disney World the contract fell through! Our dreams dashed but instead of letting it ruin a once in a lifetime vacation with kids we decided to deal with it after our vacation! After having an unforgettable time in the parks our whole family got sick and had to stay home one of the days in Florida. We were staying in a vacation rental and it dawned on me, we are in the vacation rental mecca of the universe! Maybe we are down here for a reason and instead of Deep Creek for our second property we can have a Disney World vacation home! I immediately got the vision for Mad Men Magic Kingdom House and that day found the resort and house I wanted to buy! A month later we closed and started a 2 month renovation.

After a lot of help from friends, family and complete strangers we met down there that soon became friends we went live with “Mad Men Magic Kingdom House” April 1st of 2019! We were immediately booked and had a very high occupancy right away! 

When we got back home we set our sights again for Deep Creek! We found a dream property and this time it wasn’t a house but land! It wasn’t just any piece of land either, it was right at the bottom of WISP Ski Resort and right on the water! It was a dream to do a new build and but even though the sellers first told us we could do a seller financing deal when we had the offer on the table they refused. Back to the drawing board! We had to figure out how to get a regular loan to offer the seller. It took a few months but we figured it out and in November of 2019 we settled on that 1.44 acres of mountain lake beauty! 

This year we had many dreams dashed, but by persisting, hard work and the grace of God things turned out better than we every hoped! We continue to work hard to continue to improve our guests experiences and build lasting relationships with our guests as well. This word “relationship” is actually the word Ive been thinking will be my “focus word” for 2020! This can be applied in my business, personal life and spiritual life and Im excited to see what 2020 brings for our family and business! 

Hemingway’s Restaurant Experience in Kent Island, Maryland by Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Hemingway's Restaurant Experience in Kent Island, Maryland by Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Here is our experience✨ at Hemingway’s🦀🍤🥘 on Kent Island❤️💛🖤! It’s a fantastic 🙌place to get food if you’re find yourself on your way to or from Ocean City🌊🕶☀️ and want to get a delicious and memorable bite to eat🤤! Check out the video🎥 to see our experience !

Tailchasers Restaurant & Dock Bar Experience in Ocean City, Maryland from Mad Men Beach House

Tailchasers Restaurant & Dock Bar Experience in Ocean City, Maryland by Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Tailchasers🐟 In Ocean City ☀️🌊is amazing and only a 15min walk🚶🏻‍♂️🚶‍♀️ from MadMen Beach House ✨or 4min drive🚗! The atmosphere is fantastic for adults🍸 and kids 👫alike! The outdoor area for the kids is safe ✅and they positioned it perfectly so adults can sit at their tables 🍹and watch their kids play🎈 while enjoying a good meal🍽! I hope you all get a chance to check it out!!

Ocean City Maryland’s Crab Bag Restaurant Experience by Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Crab Bag Best All You Can Eat Crabs In Ocean City Maryland

🤔Where do you go to get all you can eat crabs 🦀 in Ocean City🌊☀️🕶? Or just fun OC food?! My favorite place is The Crab Bag! Check 👀out this video📽of our experience there🤤! Let me know in the comments if you have been here🍽and your favorite🙌 all you can eat crab place in OC🏖.