Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Our Magic Kingdom Experience

Mad Men Vacation Rentals made it to the Magic Kingdom Park! It is hard to have a favorite park in Walt Disney World because I love them all for different reasons but if I had to choose it would be the Magic Kingdom! It is also the park that inspired Mad Men Magic Kingdom House where all the rooms are based on a ride or experience at the park! Just as the park is one of a kind so is this vacation rental! It had been decades since I went on some of my favorite rides since the last time I went to the Magic Kingdom I was just focused on doing everything for my twin toddlers first experience. But this time I got to go on my favorite rides and it was extra special since my two favorite rides are also the inspiration for two of the themed rooms at Mad Men Magic Kingdom House: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain. Check out www.madmenvacationrentals.com to see pictures of our one of a kind vacation rental property!