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Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life Holiday Light Show is Spectacular!

Here is a little Christmas 🎄🌟❄️⛄️cheer from the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park! This is the first year Disney has awakened🤗 the tree of life for this holiday light show displayed on the tree with a spirited holiday score🎶🎶 to go along with it! It restarts about every 10 minutes after sunset🌙! It’s definitely a fun holiday addition to the Holiday celebrations at the Animal Kingdom! I love how Walt Disney World decorates and celebrates the holidays. It is truly a magical time of year to visit! 

Mad Men Vacation Rentals Na’Vi RIver Journey Experience

The Na’Vi River Journey is such a great ride for little ones to adults to older adults. Its peaceful, calm and just an experience. You really feel like you are on a journey on a river in Pandora. This is my 3 year old son’s favorite ride. You just wish it isnt over but it takes you to a camp out or fire pit with the Na’Vi people! I hope you all get a chance to check it out at your next Animal Kingdom Trip!

Pandora at Night with the Na’Vi Drum Ceremony and My 3 Year 0ld!

Setting: A warm November evening at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Pandora area! For those of you that don’t know, Pandora at night is spectacular! There are illuminating plants and even the ground you walk upon! The sounds and smells give you the real feeling you are in the magical place! 

My kids love to play on the drums at the center of the Pandora area. When you pound on them they reverberate back at you like its alive! We were playing in the area when these Na’Vi Drummers came out and did a Na’Vi Drum Ceremony! It was super fun for my 3 year old and for me! They make it interactive and entertaining! I hope you too are there for this fun show they do throughout the day and night at your next Animal Kingdom Park adventure!

Mad Men Vacation Rentals Experience the Lion King and Brought to Tears!

Mad Men Vacation Rentals visited the Animal Kingdom in late 2019 with their twin 3 year olds so of course the Festival of the Lion King was a must! Ive seen this show maybe 3 times in the past but I am always so impressed with the showmanship and talent of the performers. It is almost impossible not to sing along to the Lion King favorites! The kids loved the show and sang along too! By the end I was in tears because the singers were just that good and the message of the show/movie is so moving! We hope you enjoy our short version of this show I clipped together for our website: WWW.MADMENVACATIONRENTALS.COM

Expedition Everest Experience by: Mad Men Vacation Rentals

 Mad Men Vacation Rentals took a trip to the Animal Kingdom in November 2019! Now, I have to say I am not much of a roller coaster fan anymore (after carrying twins my tolerance for anything that could make me feel sick is very low!) but when I’m at Disney it is a different story! They really know how to make roller coasters fun and I don’t find myself getting sick on them or dizzy! I used to love going on roller coasters as a kid and truth be told I miss the thrill so its always a treat at Disney to go on the roller coaster since they dont make me sick! This one is definitely a favorite and if you’re at the Animal Kingdom you should definitely check it out! Thanks so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to you Youtube Channel! WWW.MADMENVACATIONRENTALS.COM

Mad Men Vacation Rentals In DinoLand U.S.A!!

The Kiddie area in DinoLand USA is a great little spot in the Animal Kingdom for your little ones! We loved walking under the giant dinosaur and my three year old twins loved the Triceratops Spin Ride! Think the Dumbo Ride but with much less of a line! We got there at the right time because Goofy was there for a visit and line was only 10 minutes! We also played with some hula hoops because why not?! 

Animal Kingdom’s DINOSAUR Ride Experience 2019!

Mad Men Vacation Rentals had a packed day at the Animal Kingdom in November 2019! This ride our three year old twins were just a few inches shy and couldn’t go on the ride. After going on the ride I was thankful because it was SCARY! It was definitely fun scary but scary all the same! So if you have a tall three year old I would sit them out of this one! 

As for older kids and adults it is super fun and will sure to make you scream as you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the big T-Rex to come out and get you! You really feel like you are in a jeep riding through the jungle! My husband and I did a rider switch for this one! I hope you get a chance to check it out at your next Disney Animal Kingdom trip!

Disney’s Kali River Rapids With 3 Year Old Twins!

Mad Men Vacation Rentals made it as a family to Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Our first fast pass was for the Kali River Rapids ride! I did not do any research ahead of time to see what rides my kids were tall enough to ride. So it was extra exciting when our twin 3 year olds were both tall enough by an inch to do our first ride at the Animal Kingdom! They were a little scared but with positivity and excitement they very brave. Although they looked scared the whole time after they both said they liked the ride. My daughter still talks about it as her “favorite ride” in Disney! It was so fun to enjoy a ride like this together as a family! 

Our Animal Kingdom Experience

Here is our Animal Kingdom Adventure with our twin toddlers! A lot of these experiences were new for all of us! It was a packed day and my husband and I did the rider switch a few times to go on a few rides by ourselves! The kids love the Kali River Rapids ride and seeing the animals in the Maharajah Jungle Trek! The Lion King show made me tear up at the finale because I got so into it! My son slept through the UP Great Bird Adventure Show but it was so nice they let me bring in the stroller so he could take a little nap! We loved walking around Pandora at night and my sons favorite ride of all time is the Navi River Journey Ride because its slow and full of illuminating  lights! We loved seeing a special Holiday Light Show on the Tree of Life and then and of course the Rivers of Light Show was a great way to end the night! I hope you enjoy our experience by Mad Men Vacation Rentals! Book Direct and Save!

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