Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Assawoman Bay Sunset in Ocean City, Maryland from Mad Men Beach House by: Mad Men Vacation Rentals WWW.MADMENVACATIONRENTALS.COM

There are so many little treasures to discover and experience in the winter in Ocean City, Maryland. One thing I keep going back for over and over again is the winter sunsets I enjoy from our deck at Mad Men Beach House! Every single night is a new, beautiful expression of God’s beauty and creativity! The reflections on the canal are always so beautiful but when the canal starts to ice over it is especially pretty! 

Some nights you see colors of hot pink, bright orange and yellows. Other nights you see more periwinkle, shades of blue and grey! The clouds and how close they are to the earth and if they are moving slow, fast or seemingly at all also makes for a completely unique and spectacular experience every single night. 

Mad Men Beach House is unique that it is open all year round and it is one of the most popular winter vacation rentals in Ocean City, Maryland because of this bay sunset experience it provides. Prices are at it’s lowest and many guest take advantage of this by booking an anniversary getaway, birthday getaway, personal winter retreat, winter romantic getaway or just winter getaway with friends and family. We hope you also can experience Ocean City in the winter at Mad Men Beach House so you too can see why we and others come back again and again, all winter long!

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