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🎳Alley Oops Ocean City Experiences by: WWW.MADMENVACATIONRENTALS.COM

Here is another great winter  activity in Ocean City Maryland! Alley Oops is new to Coastal Highway and walking distance from Mad Men Beach House! It was the perfect activity on this particularly dreary day for me and my kiddos! My kids loved the arcade. There were so many games with wheels, buttons and hammers my kids enjoyed playing with the games even though I did not pay to play the games! Then we did pay for one game of bowling. It was my twin 3 year olds first bowling experience and it did not disappoint. The bumpers helped my kids knock down the pins every time. There is also a great bar area and dine in restaurant. It even has a fish tank with sharks! This place has thought of everything! The best things I have to say about this place is that it is open 7 days a week, all year round! So, any time of year, a rainy summer beach day or a dreary winter day this place is where it is at!

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